Giving Back To The Community! Helping People To Earn Extra Just By Driving!

10 August 2022

Giving back to the community! Helping people to earn extra just by driving!

So, these pictures here are not some random photographs.

This is the background story of Sticker Driver. We at Sticker Driver believe in giving back. As per our commitment, we always pay our #Publishers on time.

If the vehicle condition is good, the built year is 2000 and newer, runs more than 50KM daily, a vehicle owner/driver can easily register his vehicle by following some simple steps and become our ad #Publisher.

After the registration, we call the vehicles and inform them about our upcoming campaign and package. If the owner is interested in placing the wrap on his vehicles by choosing the brand and wrapping package, we set a time for the wrap to our very own workshop.

After the wrapping, a vehicle immediately turned into a moving billboard and extra earning machine.

After completing each month, we pay our #Publishers on time.

That’s how we are serving the community by giving back.

A long way to go.