Sticker-Wrapped Ekhon TV's Fleet of Cars!

12 October 2022

Adeffi the parent company of Sticker Driver has extended its services and offerings beyond advertising!

Adeffi has wrapped Bangladesh’s first ever Business Television Ekhon TV’s fleet of cars with top-of-the-line wrapping stickers. Through this, Ekhon TV will benefit from car advertising through the use of their own vehicles, considerably lowering the cost of advertising expenses for them.

Sticker wraps are a unique solution for companies to make a statement in the outer world and create awareness for the general public. Adeffi makes sure the sticker wraps are of the highest caliber and won't in any way deteriorate the car paint.

We at Adeffi are optimistic that our latest addition to our services will assist many companies in standing out from the crowd and that many companies will follow suit!