Sticker Driver Launched A Car Advertising Campaign In Dhaka For Zigzag Car!

23 November 2022

ZigZag car, a new carpooling platform in Bangladesh launched a car advertising campaign in Dhaka with Sticker Driver.

Out-of-home advertisements are essential for a new company aspiring to penetrate the market through differentiated services as it adds credibility to the company in customers’ perception!

Through this Campaign, ZigZag Car is aspiring to position itself as Bangladesh’s first carpooling platform. As they are new in the market, this car advertising campaign will ensure significant brand visibility to its target group which is ride-sharing passengers and daily commuters.

ZigZag Cars chose Sticker Driver’s “ADVANCE” package for the campaign. This package lets brands put advertisements on both side door panels and rear windshields of ride-sharing cars. The advance package will ensure maximum exposure for ZigZag cars as the daily commuters are bound to notice cars wrapped in stickers when the cars are moving on the roads and the rear windshield stickers allure people stuck in traffic.

With this car advertising campaign, ZigZag Cars will get access to the Sticker Driver’s advertising dashboard. They will be able to generate reports on the route network of advertised cars, computed distance coverage of the cars, weekly pictographic report, and impression totals via the Google API.

Adeffi Ltd, the parent company of Sticker Driver appreciates ZigZag Cars for trusting them as their strategic out-of-home advertising partner.