Why Car Advertising is More Effective than Other Methods of Transit Advertising

06 April, 2021

Transit advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising equally for large and small businesses. But the word “transit” can refer to a large spectrum of advertising methods, not all of them being equally effective.

Some of the various forms of transit advertising include interior cards in buses and trains, transit shelter advertising and vehicle wraps. Regarding the fact that they have been proven effective media of advertising by various brands, all of these media have both pros and cons to themselves. Here are a few reasons you might choose car wraps as your preferred medium of transit advertising -

Large Audience

Vehicle wraps, in general, have the ability to engage more audience than interior cards or transit shelter advertising. First of all, interior cards are only visible to ones who are riding the particular bus and most of the time, they just clutter the visual range of the passengers while decreasing aesthetic value. Transports that allow interior cards are most likely to be flooded with different sizes of advertisements by various brands possibly causing advertising blindness to the potential audience of your campaign. An advertisement placed on the exterior of the vehicle, on the other hand, is much more pleasant to the eyes of a viewer and has a way larger number of audiences.

Transit shelter advertisements give you freedom of creativity and the possibility to make it noticeable to many, but unlike car wraps, they are stationary. They stand still while the cars move, providing you with a variety of geographic targeting that is rare in outdoor advertising media.

Large Number of Cars

The roads of Dhaka city are usually congested with vehicles, most of them being cars. In fact, there are 33 times more cars on the roads of Dhaka than there are buses. And the number of cars will keep increasing in the future in Bangladesh as it is increasing worldwide. According to an Arbitron National In-Car Study, the time spent in their car by an average American has increased by 31% since 2003.

The high number of cars and the growth in the time people spend in their cars will provide you with more advertising opportunities than bus or train advertising in the near and far future.

Easier to Notice

Unlike bus shelters and interior cards, car wraps are in a straight line of view of the travelers on the road. The large and noticeable adverts placed wrapping a car is near to impossible for anyone to notice.

Moreover, vinyl sticker wraps on cars are less likely to get ruined by rain and dust if cleaned on a regular basis thus your advertisements will keep their pristine appearance for a longer time than other media of transit advertising.

Increases Brand Value

According to studies, most people have agreed that they feel a company is more established and more successful when this form of marketing is involved. As wrapping a vehicle with your brand’s advertisement is one of the boldest and most creative moves a brand can make, it surely will raise the reputation of your brand to a higher level.

Moreover, people appreciate on-car advertising because it’s much less intrusive and doesn’t invade their personal space. And, of course, a car with a fun and colorful wrap will enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the roads for the travelers.

In a nutshell, on-car advertising is the future of Out of Home advertising and it is much more effective and affordable than some other media of outdoor advertisements. Investing in on-car advertising is most likely to give you your money’s worth.