Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper launched a campaign with StickerDriver

18 June, 2021

Back to Back OOH Transit Advertising Campaign Launched 🔥

Savlon Twinkle + Sticker Driver

👼To relieve the tension of the mother in nurturing her beloved child, from the house of ACI, comes a companion for the mother: Savlon Twinkle. Its baby diaper products began their journey in 2017. The softness of the diaper provides maximum comfort to the babies.

To ensure hygiene and wellness for the child and assurance for the mother, Twinkle Baby Feeding Solution and Twinkle Baby Wipes were added to the Twinkle Baby Hygiene portfolio in 2017 and 2018 respectively. A mother does the best job in nurturing her shining little star and Savlon Twinkle lends hands to be there for mothers.

🌸Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper is as tender and soft as mother’s touch and as cautious and vigilant as mother’s instincts. It relieves the mother’s tension by ensuring zero leakage and its wetness indicator tells her when diapers need to be changed.

🚗From now, Sticker Driver is the proud OOH (Out of Home) partner of this exclusive brand. Now their team of SAVLON will be able to track their outdoor campaign with real-time analytics for the first time.

They will be able to track:

  • Location
  • Route
  • Distance
  • Impression
  • Pictures

Of each wrapped car.

So, why late? Book your slot today.

A long way to go.