Sticker Driver Launched A Mass Car Advertising Campaign For Pathao To Create Buzz For Pathao's New Feature!

13 November 2022

Pathao’s car advertising campaign’s goal is to create buzz for its newly launched ride-sharing model which enables users to get rides more quickly and at reasonable pricing. In this new model, drivers can select from a range of requests, accept the offer that best suits them, and users can submit their price suggestions.

Sticker Driver’s car advertising campaign for pathao is anticipated to create massive buzz for Pathao’s new ride-sharing feature. The users of ride-sharing services and daily commuters are the target demographic of this car advertising campaign.

Sticker Driver believes this mass advertising campaign will benefit Pathao strategically in several ways. Since Pathao launched this campaign digitally too, the car advertising campaign will add more credibility to it as people are more responsive to ads they see both online and offline. Moreover, the campaign will create adequate buzz as hundred ride-sharing cars with Pathao’s advertisements will play across Dhaka.

Throughout the campaign, Pathao will be able to monitor the advertised cars and have real-time data accessible through Sticker Driver’s dashboard. The route network, computed distance coverage of the cars, weekly pictographic report, and impression totals via the Google API can be generated through the dashboard too.

Adeffi Ltd, the parent company of Sticker Driver, appreciates Pathao for trusting them as their strategic out-of-home advertising partner.