Some Words From Our CEO

We are working towards the dream of a revolution in the outdoor advertising industry of Bangladesh. By using cutting edge technology and the gig economy in practice, we are willing to serve this industry.

Our work is going to serve four communities - the first one being the Advertisers. We are providing advertisers with a new, state-of-the-art marketing and branding tool. All they need is to sign up, and we will take care of the heavy-lifting. Moreover, using our tech platform, advertisers can monitor their ad campaign anytime, anywhere.

Secondly, we are serving the Driver community by creating extra earning opportunities for them. Just by following a simple registration process, they will be assigned to one or more suitable campaigns. Our workshop will design and paste the sticker ads on their cars. The drivers only need to set up and use our Driver App for getting paid every month.

Thirdly, we pay tax to the government for the permission to advertise on roads which adds to the revenue for the government.

And lastly, we are creating employment for a group of people by developing a company that provides new job opportunities to talented individuals. This not only helps our employees but also reduces unemployment problems from the country.

With hard work and determination, we believe that we’ll soon be able to achieve our goal of serving the advertising industry of Bangladesh


“Sticker Driver Limited” is an app-based advertising and marketing company. Here, any brand or advertiser is enabled to advertise their products on cars. And drivers are enabled to earn extra money by placing removable ad stickers on their vehicles.

We are a tech-enabled ad platform for Brands and Cars. Brands will get measurable, disruptive, eye-catching on vehicle advertising across the city. And our platform will give power to the sharing economy to bring Drivers a new way to get extra income.

Advertisers get access to powerful tracking, analytics and reporting that help them out by innovating their competition and reaching an audience other forms of advertising simply cannot. Once Drivers register with Sticker Driver, we actively try and find them an advertiser or Brand who wants to market their message on those cars, given their driving habits.

mission of sticker driver

To take the responsibility on behalf of Brands to advertise their products or services more effectively and efficiently than any other marketing platforms in Bangladesh with the use of technology. To make OOH on-vehicle advertising more coherent and powerful for Brands and to create an extra income opportunity for Drivers that impactful.

vision of sticker driver

To help into making a better Digital Bangladesh by creating a tech enabled Advertising and Marketing platform for every brand around the country. To make a revolutionary Out of Home (OOH) on-vehicle advertising platform for Brands and an extra earning platform for drivers with the vision of building a better Digital Bangladesh.