Pros and Cons of On Car Advertising

13 February, 2021

A new decade is on the verge of beginning and many things are going to change, evolve, including the world of marketing and advertising. It is time to find new and creative methods to advertise your brand to success. But you can’t just pick something and invest in it, right? Before taking the decision of investing in an advertising medium, it’s necessary to evaluate its pros and cons so your decision can be a well-informed one.

Pros of On Car Advertising

There are many reasons you might want to invest in on-car advertising. For instance, it’s new and creative, just as mentioned earlier. Especially from Bangladesh's perspective, it is a very new concept. As human beings are naturally attracted to uniqueness, indulging into an on-car advertisement is much likely to help your brand stand out.

It can be highly profitable for your business especially in the present situation of Bangladesh. It isn’t unknown to anyone that we live in a densely populated city with 23,234 people living in every square kilometer. With a population of 20.6 million, Dhaka is definitely a place where outdoor advertising is the best method to reach people. Because no other method of advertising can gain you nearly as many audiences as on-car advertising can.

To add to the pros, the citizens of Dhaka spend a lot of time outdoors. It is a city full of traffic jams where crossing a distance even fewer than 10 km takes about 3 hours! With a working population of 14.03 million, this high number of people commute from home to work and back every day through the traffic of Dhaka city. All these people stuck in traffic are potential customers whom you can introduce your brand to in a memorable way by pasting your brand advertisement on a car.

An exclusive benefit to on-car advertising is the rarity it provides. Unlike all other methods of advertising, your advertisement won’t have to fight with others of its kind to gain people’s attention. It will stand there, by itself, without any distractions around. Moreover, it is easy to gain the attention of someone when they are stuck in traffic and are unconsciously looking for something to distract them.

On-car advertisements can be made very creative and attractive as it provides you with a lot of freedom and space. A catchy phrase or a colorful logo of your brand pasted on a car is sure to pose their impact on anyone’s mind who looks at it.

Unlike other outdoor advertising methods, on-car advertisements can be tracked and measured. You can always keep an eye on your advertisement and the impressions it’s gaining for your brand with the help of Sticker Driver’s revolutionary impression count algorithm developed in house.

The bottom line is that on car advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertisement to spread brand awareness and gain massive impressions for your brand.

Cons of On Car Advertising

Like everything in the world, on-car advertising is not the perfect solution to all problems either. There are definitely some cons of on-car advertising too. But luckily, the cons side of the scale is much lighter than the pros.

Outdoor advertising is a bit more expensive than any other form of advertising. So most companies don’t have the budget for it. But the companies those who want to make a brand image can use the platform.

As all other OOH advertising methods, the initial investment can be a bit on the expensive side. Of course, the investment is most likely to be worth it in the long run. That is, if your advertisement remains live for long enough.

The most beautiful fact about on-car advertising is that it can be personalized according to your choice and need by taking into account both the positives and negatives of the medium.

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