Outstanding move by bombay sweets with sticker driver

02 April, 2021

Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd. (BSCL) is a name associated with consumers for snack food for more than 5 decades in Bangladesh and abroad.

It made its modest start in the beginning way back in 1948. Gradually it increased its popularity amongst the consumers in meeting their demands. Within 20 years, BSCL had 28 outlets throughout the country. Initially, the company served its customers from their own outlets.

On the other hand, Sticker Driver has launched its next and most exciting campaign with this wonderful company. For the first time our honorable client Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd will be able to track their OOH campaign using our cutting edge technology.

They will be able to track their wrapped vehicle’s:

1. Position
2. Distance
3. Route
4. Impression
5. Pictures

So, why late? Book your slot today.