Launched CNG Advertising Campaign For Root Food!

12 October 2022

With the launch of the ROOT food campaign, we are elated to inform you that we have successfully executed our long-held ambition for CNG advertising.

ROOT food’s CNG advertising will assist them in gaining a competitive edge over their rivals in a number of ways. By launching the campaign they’ll gain the first overs advantage in CNG advertising as their competitors haven’t strategically advertised their brands in this space yet.

Furthermore, ROOT Food will have access to real-time data through our dashboard and the ability to track these vehicles. They will be able to follow the CNGs' real-time location, obtain computed distance coverage of the wrapped CNGs, and view their route network. Additionally, our dashboard will give them access to monthly picture updates of the promoted CNGs so they can see the condition of the sticker wrap as well as real-time data on impression totals via the Google API.

We at Adeffi Ltd, the parent company of Sticker Driver strive to deliver the benefits of mass outdoor advertising to promising clients in the most strategic way possible.

Finally, thanks to ROOT food for trusting Adeffi Ltd as their strategic out-of-home advertising partner.