How Effective Out Of Home Advertising is in Bangladesh?

14 December, 2019

Out Of Home advertising is becoming more and more powerful on a global scale every single day. And Bangladesh is not far behind in this trend either. OOH, when implemented properly, can be more effective than other advertising methods and the reasoning behind that is manyfold.

It Stands Alone

When a person opens a newspaper, their intention is to read the news. When someone watches tv, they have an intention to actually watch the show. Many people completely ignore the advertisement segments while reading a newspaper or watching tv anyways. Moreover, there are a bunch of other advertises surrounding one of your brand’s. These “distractions” take away the focus from your advertisement.

On the other hand, when your ad is placed outdoors, there are much fewer distractions for the target audience. When OOH advertisements are placed, it stands by itself.

The roads in Bangladesh are highly prone to traffic and most of the time, people are just sitting there, getting bored. A beautifully designed large advertisement is what they need to keep them entertained for a few seconds or minutes, even.

According to Neilsen, 75% of people agree that Out of Home advertisements give them something to look at when they are out and about.

Highly Impactful

Outdoor media reaches a vast number of people every day. It is convenient for the audience as it’s quick and free. One doesn’t have to spend their money or mobile data to look at a billboard. This leads to a greater number of the audience getting interested in your ad.

Outdoor advertisements, these days, can help you grab the attention of people quite easily, create a stirring campaign if you do something bold and creative with it. Some brands have already indulged in this type of stunts in Bangladesh. Some examples being Berger’s Wrong Bodle Rongin Kori and RFL’s Bijoyer Golpo.

A strategic OOH can give you a guaranteed audience as long as you target the right location and study the traffic patterns within the city. Targeting the perfect group of audience is also possible by developing a creative and relatable ad campaign. A cleverly put OOH can turn out to be a conversation starter and intrigue people to know more about your brand.

Another reason for the high impact of OOH is that this method of advertising contains less audience fragmentation. With the ongoing development of media, any person has the option of choosing among hundreds of tv channels or a bunch of newspapers. Which, in turn, causes division of audiences into smaller groups. But outdoor advertising does not cause this issue as people who live or work in a certain area won’t have much choice but taking the same route every time.

If you are still not sure about the impactfulness of outdoor advertising, here are some statistics for you as billboard effectiveness can now be measured. Outdoor advertising companies can help you track the impressions your ads receive. And, on average -

  • 71% of billboard viewers remember the ads they see.
  • 31% visit an establishment during the first week of seeing the billboard.
  • 24% visit an establishment within the same day of seeing the billboard for the first time.

Technologically Developing

Once outdoor advertising was used only as a supporting advertisement method to work in the background while other media like television or print campaigns do the “real work”. OOH advertisements were generally created by painting the billboards by hand which was high-priced and time-consuming.

Now OOH can be designed using computers and printed on vinyl papers making it more affordable and much less time-consuming. Moreover, with the development of mobile technologies and LED advertising methods, outdoor advertisements have come far ahead. Website addresses can be included in the advertisement to direct customers to you. QR codes can be implemented to promote a certain call-for-action. There are so many ways to direct customers to reach you and start a conversation from outdoor advertisements these days that providing the feeling of engagement is not only possible but also very expectable.

OOH was already renowned for the creative freedom it gives. And digitization of OOH encourages creativity even more. Digital OOH is higher in impact as well. Research says that digital OOH that carry relevant messages increase spontaneous advertising awareness by 18%.  

As the number of digital billboards is rapidly increasing in Dhaka city and all over Bangladesh, more advertisers are able to display their ads at the expense of minimum space. The benefit of these billboards is that you can change the ads throughout the day or over a week to keep it from getting monotonous. The incorporation of video ads makes these advertisements even more engaging.

This media has kept developing and surprising us with new and innovative ideas until this day and will continue doing so in the future as well.

Cost Estimations

One of the major issues while using OOH is budget. Of course, outdoor advertising isn’t cheap as it gives you the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people every single day. And competition is increasing with this type of advertising as well. Many large brands make it an essential point in their advertising strategy to grab one of those massive and fancy LED billboards.

Cost calculations are often based on the impressions provided by the ad. Which is, of course, controlled and varied by factors like location, traffic, visibility, size of the ad, etc.

Now, outdoor advertisements might be costly. But statistics show that they provide a good amount of ROI. In fact, ROI from outdoor advertisements has recently been reported to be the second-highest, on average. And as the location is selectable, one can do outdoor advertising in areas that interest their business thereby saving money that would otherwise be spent on people who won’t ever visit their establishments.

In this increasing digitizing world, Out Of Home advertisement still keeps providing more than 90% reach on average. This fact alone is capable enough to shed light on the effectiveness of OOH, be that in Bangladesh or any other country. Out Of Home advertising might be exactly what you need for your brand to stand out this year.