Adeffi Limited Has Launched Bus Advertising Campaign for Shell Helix

05 September 2023

The world is moving forward, and so are the needs and expectations of a product.

Shell came to the Indian subcontinent in 1928 with the establishment of Burmah Shell Oil Storage & Distribution Company of India. Since then Shell has operated with different names and associations in Bangladesh. In 2004, Shell has partnered with Ranks Petroleum Limited, a concern of Rangs Group. After 19 years of business relation, Ranks Petroleum & Shell are more committed than ever to achieving a significant market share with this global leading brand.

And recently, Adeffi Limited launched a new campaign with Shell with their bus branding service. Using Adeffi's cutting-edge technology, now the brand team of Shell will be able to track their OOH campaign for Shell.

They will be able to track:

  1. Location
  2. Distance
  3. Route
  4. Pictures
  5. Impressions

To book your slot, contact Adeffi Limited. A long way to go!