Top 10 Out Of Home Advertising Campaign in Bangladesh, That created impact for their Brand

14 December, 2019

If you really want to put your products and ideas “out in the world”, out of home advertising is a great choice for you and, mostly, any brand. Out of Home advertising includes any advertising that reaches people when they are outdoors. As we all spend a great deal of our days out of our houses, it can be a valuable opportunity for advertisers to get their content planted in a passer-by’s mind. One of the things that makes outdoor advertising as amazing as it is, is the opportunity to get creative with it, let your brand’s personality shine through your advertisements.

But the brain needs the inspiration to get creative, right? Here is a quick list of top 10 advertising campaigns that created a lot of impacts for Bangladeshi brands, for you to get inspired from.

  1. RFL Bijoyer Golpo

    RFL group started this brilliant project about six months ago. They painted various scenarios of the greatest event in the history of Bangladesh, our national war, on 10 thousand rickshaws. These rickshaws are moving around Dhaka city with these colorful mobile paintings that will catch anyone’s eyes. Along with the patriotic value of this project, it is a great advertising strategy for the brand because of more than one reason.

    These paintings are large, colorful and move from one place to another for many people to notice them. There are QR codes and the logo of RFL on every painting, so the curious ones can be directed to RFL’s website in order to read and know about the event represented by a certain painting, thereby, generating traffic on RFL plastic’s website with the obvious benefit of spreading knowledge regarding our history.

    Another very important point to consider for this project is that as Bangladeshis, we are proud of these historical. Many people who have experienced the war still cherish their memories very dearly. Representing those events has earned RFL group respects from people of a large demographic leading to developing their reputation and building a loyal consumer group.

  2. Berger’s Wrong Bodle Rongin Kori

    Another creative project started this year. This time by Berger Paints. They painted the whole side of large buildings in different parts of Chattagram city. These massive paintings contain ethical messages concerning different social and environmental issues in Bangladesh

    Very much like the RFL campaign, it forced impacts from two points of view.

    An advertisement with the size of a five-story building is almost impossible to miss. And the engraved message added to the moral value increasing Berger’s reputation as a brand.

  3. Grameenphone Prothom Bijoyollash

    Grameenphone has been renowned for putting together creative and emotional advertisements from the very beginning. This “Prothom Bijoyollash” project is one of their best works. They incorporated digital and outdoor ads together along with a campaign that helped putting smiles on the faces of immigrants in our country.

    Instead of being a telecommunications brand, we often see big and beautiful billboards containing Grameenphone’s logo. They have mastered the skill of incorporating outdoor advertisement with the ongoing e-commerce campaigns. Their outdoor campaigns have had a massive and undeniable impact on their popularity and reputation.

  4. Bengal Rain Bank Campaign

    This is not just an advertisement. Bengal Plastic put together their resources and an amazing idea to create something that’ll be both useful to the country’s economics and gain them popularity in the process.

    They hung 15 of their buckets from a massive billboard with the help of a rope. This billboard is located in the Sylhet district and is designed to catch and save rainwater. The goal is to save rainwater in order to save money and create a supply of safe water.

    Not only that this campaign has encouraged people to be more mindful about saving water, but also this almost impossible-to-miss billboard has developed a great reputation for Bengal Plastics.

  5. Shah Cement Campaign

    Now, this is an older one. But it was, definitely, a rather sticking example of outdoor advertisement. With a beautiful painting of the map of Bangladesh and a minimalist approach towards the writing on the print, this ad easily got the message across.

  6. Berger Silk Collection Ad

    Berger Paints has been a renowned brand for paints all over the country for more than a while. Before they started their Wrong Bodle Rongin Kori campaign in Chattagram, this was their largest outdoor campaign. Much like the Shah Cement ad, it was colorful, visually pleasing and didn’t contain an overwhelming amount of information. This advertisement got many people familiar with the name of their silk collection who sought for information and eventually turned into their customer.

  7. Bloop Strawberry Ice-Cream

    Golden Harvest is one of the brands that has always made the best use of outdoor advertising. And this ad of Bloop Ice-Cream is not an exception. Along with colorful painting, it has a very catchy phrase on it that will get stuck into anyone’s head who has looked twice at this ad. Making it quite an impactful advertisement.

  8. KSRM - Padma Bridge Billboards

    KSRM has put their advertisements on massive billboards near highways around Dhaka city with their noticeable logo and motto on it beside a beautiful painting of the Padma Bridge. This advertise is very effective because it’s not overwhelming with a lot of information and quite on-point with the message they want to convey. Sharing your brand’s achievement in a creative but digestible way can create impressions on people even within a brief glance which makes it perfect for a highway billboard.

  9. Prothom-Alo Corporate Advertisements

    It is very interesting to see how different media depend on each other for marketing. Prothom-Alo, the most popular daily in Bangladesh, put up these outdoor advertisements to celebrate their 17th anniversary. These ads focus less on advertising and more on expressing gratitude towards their readers. But it still conveys the message about their large number of consumers and their success in media.

  10. Speed Road Safety Campaign 2019

    I saved this one for last, not because it’s the least impactful. But because it’s different from the other ones in more than one way. First of all, it is the recent most campaign on this list. And second, it’s the only digital one.

    This campaign by Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. launched on November 14 and it will be live till December 15. There’s already been news surrounding it in popular portals and dailies. People are highly appreciative of their work. This will surely end up being impactful both on road safety and the reputation of Akij Groups.

There you have it. Top 10 Out of Home advertising campaigns in Bangladesh. All of them were highly impactful to the brands whereas many of them were impactful to the society as well. That is the beauty of outdoor advertising. It provides all the possibilities to market your brand in its best form.