Newspapers Advertising Scenario in Bangladesh

14 April, 2020

Newspaper advertisements are more popular than one may think. It’s been around since the beginning of marketing and is still as effective as before. It’s highly efficient and will bring in more customers if the target audience is the 45-years plus demographic in Bangladesh as they tend to read the newspaper more than the younger citizens. Moreover, a marketer can target the right audience by posting the ads on a certain page of the publication that is related to their business, be it sports, media or lifestyle.

The costs of newspaper prices can vary depending on different features i.e., size, publication, page etc. National dailies are usually costlier than regional or monthly/periodical newspapers. There are also advertising agencies that will not only suggest you the best coverage at your price limit, but also help you design the advertisements. Prices mentioned here are given at an inch/column rate which means an advertisement is priced 5000 inch/column and the column size of the newspaper is 2 inches, one will have to pay 5000*2 = 10,000 BDT for a one column-one inch ad to get published.

Prothom Alo advertisement

Prothom Alo is the most popular newspaper not only among the older but also the younger demographics because of their handy epaper feature. Prices of advertisements in Prothom Alo vary depending on the section of the newspaper. But, in general, it’s higher than other newspapers because of its high popularity. Prothom Alo column size is 2.05 inches that means a one column-one inch ad will have 2 inches width and one inch length, but a two column-one inch ad will have 4.1 inches width and one inch length.

Price list for Prothom Alo ads (active since 1 February, 2018) -

  • First page - 30,000 BDT/column-inch & the least ad size will have to be 9 column-inch.
  • Last page - 25,000 BDT/column-inch & the least ad size will have to be 6 column-inch.
  • Third page - 23,000 BDT/column-inch.
  • Second and fifth pages - 14,000 BDT/column-inch.
  • The second last page - 13,000 BDT/column-inch.
  • Business & Sports pages - 11,000 BDT/column-inch.
  • Other inner pages - 9500 BDT/column-inch for color ads and 6500 BDT/column-inch for b&w ads.
  • Extra pages - 8000 BDT/column-inch for color ads and 5000 BDT/column-inch for b&w ads.

Bangladesh Protidin advertisement

Bangladesh Protidin in another newspaper with a huge number of readers and ads published are supposed to get a lot of coverage as well. The ad prices are not as high as Prothom Alo, but still higher than the other newspapers.

Bangladesh Protidin column size is 1.5 inches that means 1 column-inch ads will have a width of 1.5 inches and a length of 1 inch and 2 column-inch ads will have a width of 3.1 inches and a length of 1 inch.

Price list for Bangladesh Protidin ads-

Position of ad


First Page (minimum size 12 column-inch)

19,000 BDT

Last Page (minimum size 6 column-inch)

16,500 BDT

Second Page (minimum size 4 column-inch)

8500 BDT (color)

7000 BDT (b&w)

Third Page

11,000 BDT

Fifth Page

8500 BDT

Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Page

7000 BDT (color)

4600 BDT (b&w)

Eighth Page

8000 BDT

Tenth Page

9000 BDT

Eleventh Page (minimum size 4 inch-column)

8000 BDT (color)

6000 BDT (b&w)

Two Middle Pages

6500 BDT

*25% extra charge for specific position of the advertisement in a page.

Kaler Kantho advertisement

Kaler Kantho is another popular newspaper with readers from the whole country. Even if not equal to the previous ones, it can still bring in a healthy amount of coverage. Ad prices are discussed here.

Column sizes in this newspaper are 1.5 inches which means 1 column-inch ads will have a length of 1.5 inches and a width of 1 inch and 2 column-inch ads will have a length of 3.1 inches and a length of 1 inch.

Price list for Kaler Kantho ads (active since 1 February, 2013) -


Price (BDT/column-inch)

First page (minimum 12 inches & maximum 80 inches)


Last page (minimum 6 inches)


Third page


Second & Fifth pages

6500 (color)

5000 (b&w)

Second to last page

5500 (color)

4000 (b&w)

First Sports page


Other Sports pages


Other inner pages

4500 (color)

3500 (b&w)

Ittefaq advertisement

The Daily Ittefaq is the first daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Although it has lost some of its former glory, it’s still quite a popular newspaper among the readers and can provide good coverage.

Column size in Ittefaq is 1.5 inches which means a 1 column-inch ad will have a length of 1.5 inches and a width of 1 inch and 2 column-inch ads will have a length of 3.1 inches and a length of 1 inch.

Price list for Ittefaq ads -


Price (BDT/column-inch)

First page (minimum 12 inches)


Last page (minimum 6 inches)


Third page


Second & Fifth pages

8000 (color)

6000 (b&w)

Second to last page

7000 (color)

5000 (b&w)

Sports pages


6000 (color)

5000 (b&w)

Other inner pages

5000 (color)

4000 (b&w)

[Rate Cards Ref]

Other newspaper ads

There are many other dailies, monthly and regional newspapers in Bangladesh that publish advertisements. Whereas dailies are the best for reaching a large number of people, monthlies can help a company focus on a certain demographic of consumers depending on the type of newspaper and regional newspapers are often helpful if the company is based on a particular part of the country. Dailies like Jugantor, Jai Jai Din, Manab Zamin etc. are a little less popular than the publications mentioned above which means less impressions but one can publish advertisements on them at a lower price. For example, first page ads can be published at only 12,000 BDT/column-inch on Jugantor.

Online news portals in Bangladesh

Nowadays online news portals are quite popular and many of the famous newspapers publish online versions of them as well. Advertisements published in online newspapers are quite effective too and cost the same amount of money as the physical newspaper. As a matter of fact, is the third most popular website in Bangladesh. [ref]

A list of these newspaper websites and online news portals against the impressions they provided to the advertisers on average within the last 30 days is created here.


Website Name

Daily Unique Pageviews per Visitor

Percentage of Referrals from Search Engines














































While analyzing these statistics, one should keep in mind that these numbers are based on the website visits only and they don’t include promotion from physical newspapers sold. Advertises in popular newspapers such as Prothom Alo, Kaler Kantho etc. are more efficient because they can reach people who read newspapers along with ones who search information online. On the other hand, english newspapers like The Daily Star will get a lot more search engine referrals and help reach people on a global scale.