Moving Billboard Is Officially Launched In Chittagong!!

12 October 2022

We’re proud to announce that Adeffi the parent company of Sticker Driver has entered the Chittagong Bus advertising arena with its campaign of

Adeffi’s tech-integrated “Moving billboard” approach has already helped its clients in Dhaka gain positive brand recognition. Adeffi believes that now that the BDjobs’s campaign has begun in Chittagong other brands will be quick to perceive the benefits of their respective brand bus advertising’s footprint in Chittagong.

Instead of using a traditional billboard, BDjobs decided to promote their brand using our bus advertisements, or "moving billboards," which can generate thousands of impressions from a single bus as it travels to various locations throughout the city. Since BDjobs's campaign involves two buses, the advantages they can reap are doubled. Traditional billboard advertising does not generate impressions outside of a specific area, therefore BDjobs would not have profited in this regard.

Adeffi also ensured access to its dashboard, which will enable BDjobs to track the real-time positions of buses as they pass through its network of routes. Along with that, Adeffi’s dashboard will provide Bdjobs will a monthly pictographic report to ensure the condition of the wrapped stickers is up to the mark.

We are committed to developing a transparent out-of-home advertising space to help brands successfully and efficiently accomplish their genuine advertising objectives.

Our utmost gratitude goes to for trusting Adeffi Ltd as their strategic Bus Advertising partner in Chittagong.