Advantages of On-Car Advertising - Bangladesh Perspective

12 December, 2020

Adding a vehicle wrap to your company’s marketing strategy is a smart move for any size business. A large, creative and extra-ordinarily put together on-car advertise is going to grab your consumers’ attention quickly, but surely. There are many perks of outdoor advertising in general. But on-car advertising is particularly suited for Bangladesh, here’s why -

Massive Population of Dhaka

It is no secret that Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. And, Dhaka is the capital and the only megacity of this country, almost half of the country lives in Dhaka while the other half visits on a yearly basis. Whereas Bangladesh has an estimated population of 163 million in 2019, approximately 21 million of them live in the city of Dhaka.

Although this large population imposes a lot of negative impacts on the environment, your brand has the ability to turn this number into being economically profitable for both your business and the country. On-car advertisements are great for Dhaka because of this massive number of potential audience. Newspaper advertisements may run out of audience someday, outdoor advertisements will never.

Too Much Time Spent Outdoors

It is difficult to wrap one’s head around the fact that a working person living in Dhaka spends about 20 hours a week on average just routing from home to work, and back. Moreover, they go out for entertainment, shopping and many other things. On any given day, more than 57% of Dhaka residents spend their time on the road.

All of these people are annoyed and bored sitting in the jammed traffic for hours. They need some sort of entertainment and on-car advertisements are usually in their straight line of view at these moments, giving your advertisements a very high exposure rate and a large number of potential customers.

Many Cars on Road

7% of the area of Dhaka city is covered by roads and many people route from home to work or school via these roads every single day of the week. With this large number of people, it is obvious that a large number of vehicles are needed. In fact, the total number of vehicles on the roads of Dhaka city is about 7.5 lakh, cars being 33 times more in number than buses. This makes on-car advertising a lot easier and effective. As the on-car advertising service in Bangladesh is implementing the resources that are already there other than placing a hoarding along the road or adding to the traffic of Dhaka city by introducing new vehicles. This is what makes on-car advertising efficient, unintrusive and profitable for your brand - all at the same time.

Unique and New

On-car advertising is still a very new idea even worldwide and in Bangladesh, it’s just started out. Therefore, implementing on-car advertisements for your brand will give you the benefit of uniqueness.

When it comes to advertising, the key is to stand out and make your statement to be known. And with the creative freedom a large on-car advertise will give, you can do almost anything you want. On-car advertisements are an amazing way to show off your brand’s personality in a rather extraordinary manner and build brand awareness.


On-car advertisement is more cost-effective than some other methods of advertising in the sense that it can grab you a big amount of ROI. Whereas non-LED billboards are banned and LED billboards only provide a limited exposure time, on-car advertisements will give you a much larger exposure time and audience because it moves!

Research has shown that on-car advertisements have increased company sales significantly in parts of the world. Moreover, on-car advertisements won’t easily get old or ruined. A vehicle wrap can be used for as long as you want, thereby saving design and manufacturing cost.

Sticker Driver is providing on-car advertising opportunity at a much budget-friendly cost for your brand to achieve large impressions. The advertisements are creatively designed to follow through with your vision and goals so you can stand out and make your brand seen.