Adeffi Launches Bus Advertising Campaign for LALAMOVE

04 June 2023

The world is moving forward, and so are the needs and expectations of various products and services.

Lalamove was founded in Hong Kong in December 2013. Originally called Easyvan, the company was renamed as Lalamove in 2014. It is a technology based company that provides delivery services by connecting users with delivery drivers on its mobile and web apps. The company operates in cities across Asia and Latin America connecting over 7 million users with more than 700,000 delivery drivers. Lalamove services are currently available in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Cebu, Bangkok, Pattaya, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Jakarta, Dhaka, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City.

Lalamove started its operations in Dhaka, Bangladesh from August 2022. It has become the strategic partner for businesses of all sizes to solve their last-mile delivery issues. From independent brick and mortar stories to restaurants, retail outlets and e-commerce companies, Lalamove helps businesses from a wide array of industries to scale and outsource deliveries based on their needs.

Recently, Adeffi Limited launched a bus advertising campaign with Lalamove Bangladesh Limited. Using our cutting-edge technology, Lalamove will be able to track their OOH campaign.

They will be able to track:

  • Location
  • Distance
  • Route
  • Pictures
  • Impressions

To book your slot, contact Adeffi Limited.

A long way to go!