Sticker Driver service point at whole Dhaka

17 May, 2021

Good News !!

From the day one, Sticker Driver’s ambitious vision was to create a platform for Bangladeshi brands to advertise their product or services in the most innovative way possible. While staying completely positive with this vision, we ended up creating a platform that also empowered thousands of people to earn extra by placing ads on their vehicles with the biggest transit ad tech platform in Bangladesh. And Sticker Driver decided to take this to it’s best by launching two more service points for our publishers.

By Sticker Driver platform we’ve made lives simpler while enabling people with employment opportunities in this ad tech platform. And this is just a beginning for the first ad tech platform of the country.

From now, our respected car owner and drivers will be able to get any kind of facility from these service points.

A long way to go ! A lot more to come !