Sticker Driver Is Celebrating 3 Year Anniversary

10 June 2022

June 1st, 2022, marks the 3rd anniversary of “Sticker Driver.”

Sticker Driver, a concern of Adeffi Ltd., started in 2019, and they have come a long way towards their dream and vision. Like any other start-up, it was anything less than easy for them. They are proud to remember the time they took on some of the biggest clients of Bangladesh at their beginning and successfully balanced the operations under immense pressure. Such energy has led them to make a positive impact at the end of the day, said a press release.

This company provides reliable extra earnings for countless ride-sharing drivers in Bangladesh. They are glad that they often get to help out some of the more struggling drivers. Good practices at their workplace provide our government with their portion of contributions through taxes. This company is pro-fair competition for their clients. They believe such practices can set an example for the advertisement industry. This practice also allows them to attract foreign clients and earn in foreign currencies. They try to get involved in social campaigns, such as autism awareness campaigns.

Throughout these three years, this team has successfully launched a series of innovations in the advertising industry of Bangladesh, such as InCar ads, DriverPlay, Bus Ads, and more. There are many other innovations in progress towards getting published, but their clients are still exploring all the mixes of campaigns they offer.

They have no plans to stop there; they are working on innovations that solve problems for both their clients and drivers. Some of their upcoming services include billboards with state-of-the-art impression tracking technology, various forms of DOOH ads, and bike and CNG ads. The possibilities are truly endless for this start-up.

None of these successes would be possible without their team. Sticker Driver Ltd appreciates all its team members and partners for their unwavering support and dedication. Sticker Driver is an advertising agency that has added a new dimension to advertising in Bangladesh. “Sticker Driver” is the first Bangladeshi OOH Ad-Tech Startup that connects Brands with Ride-sharing vehicles and Drivers through full-body sticker ads on vehicles and many more ad features inside those vehicles. In simpler terms, they turn a vehicle into a moving billboard by attaching a company’s ad to the car’s body through a sticker.

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From any brand’s perspective, they understand that being able to track and measure the actual effectiveness of outdoor ads can be a luxury they never had. This is where it sets them apart from the rest with their constantly updating app.

Advertisers will be able to find information about the position, route, distance, the number of impressions, etc., of vehicles with their ads using the app and web dashboard. Moreover, they also issue legal permits from the appropriate party for advertising on the cars.

Back in 2020, when Sticker Driver started its journey, it would have been hard to believe that it would grow rapidly. But now that Sticker Driver works with major brands like ACI, Bombay Sweets, Square, Savlon, Domino’s pizza, Digital health, Xiaomi, etc., it seems like this was the only way they would grow. Currently, Sticker Driver is working in 3 major areas: Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. They have 3,500 registered vehicles, among which over 1500 vehicles are already operating.